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DMPonline is a web-based tool that supports researchers to develop and share Data Management Plans (DMP). It contains the latest funder templates (e.g. FNR, Horizon Europe) and best practice guidelines to support users to create good quality DMPs.

Within the tool you will find custom guidance and example answers to help you develop your DMP. These are offered by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), research funders and many research organisations (including the University of Luxembourg). You can also browse the growing list of public DMPs published by other users of the tool for inspiration.

This is a customised version of DMPonline for staff of the University of Luxembourg (funded by the Luxembourg Learning Centre). You still require the creation of an account with the DCC to use the tool (see Help).

The tool is based on the open source DMPRoadmap codebase (MIT licence) developed and managed by both the DCC and the University of California Curation Center (UC3 - USA).